A Basic Guide to Face-Frame Foils

How It’s Done

When you visit the salon, your hair color artist will use foils on the strands around your face to hand-paint thin highlights. This meticulous method, often called balayage, enables the professional to create a subtle custom look as an alternative to chunky and bold streaks. The result is also tailored to how you prefer your hair, to flatter either a center or a side part.

How It Looks

When face-frame foils are customized and handled by salon professionals, the result is subtle, flattering, and natural. Your hair color highlights will only be a few shades lighter than your all-over hue. This way, instead of distracting from your face, they frame it and enhance your features. In essence, the method brightens your look without drastically altering it.

Who It’s For

Almost anyone can benefit from face-frame foils because they’re an enhancement of your natural or all-over color. Whether you’ve been dying your hair for years or are looking for the right change to brighten your look, this method will add a dynamic shine to your mane. It’s a particularly good option for women who are trying color for the first time, due to their subtlety and modern look, as well as a low-maintenance choice, as only a small section will need touch-ups as treated areas grow out.

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