A full foil is the highlighting service of your entire hair.

All of your hair will be parted into sections in order to place foils all around, especially underneath your hair; usually, this consists of 45 to 100 foils. For example, if a brunette is trying to get that beach blonde look, a full foiling service (possibly several services) would be required.

What to Do When You’re Confused

When you’re trying to pick which service is right for you, don’t worry if you don’t get it just right. When in doubt, shoot me a message or a phone call to clarify any questions you have and for a little guidance. Final highlighting decisions don’t have to be made when scheduling your appointment. I’m open to full consultation with room to make adjustments on the day of your appointment.

Always remember that picture speaks a thousand words. Showing your ideas of highlights that you like will help me determine if a full or partial highlight is better for your final results.

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