Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Getting Tape-In Extensions

Switching up your hair to a longer, fuller, more voluminous style is fun, and it’s one of the best (most non-committal) ways to achieve a major hair makeover is experimenting with extensions. Your hairstyle options are practically endless when it comes to extensions—they give you even more freedom to rock unexpected cuts and colors. Trust, once you look in the mirror, you’ll feel like a whole new woman. This is coming from a reformed extensions addict—I hid my natural hair underneath extensions for two years straight at one point in time.

Suffice to say, it’s easy to get lost in the land of extensions because they just make you look (and feel) flawless.

There are a few different types of extensions you can get. One option is sewn-in extensions that are applied with a needle and can last up to three months. If you’re going for a one-night type of hair vibe, clip-in extensions are an easy, non-adhesive option that allows you to clip them in and out of your natural hair. But let’s talk about the happy medium of the crew: tape-in extensions. If you’re a lover of thick and voluminous hair that has a sleek and natural look, these are for you. Even better?

You don’t have to commit to them long-term if you don’t want to. The installment and removal process is seamless and on average can cost anywhere from $200 to $800.

Why They’re So Cool

“They are incredibly easy to apply and remove, don’t damage your hair, and look more natural because they lie almost completely flush against the head, whereas other types have thicker bases that stick out.”

“Tape-ins brought the average time for getting extensions down from several hours to as little as 30 minutes,”“Tape-in extensions allow for easy removal, the ability to reuse the hair, and the ability to maximize placement options giving the client a more natural, clean look. Another great benefit of Donna Bella tape-in extensions is the option to do a single-sided tape installation, which is a great solution for women with very fine, thin hair.”

Do they really only take a half hour? It’s an easier style, and the application is quick, so the cost is less, It depends on how many extensions you want, but tape-ins can be as fast as 45 minutes to an hour. You’ll be in and out of the salon in no time.”

Exactly How to Take Care of Them

Depending on the brand of your tape-ins, they can last up to eight weeks. Remember that your natural hair grows, so if you’re using them simply for fullness, your hair will overtake the tape-in wefts on length over time,” A great way to combat this is to ask your stylist to move them a 1/2 inch lower each visit so the length stays in sync with your own hair.”

I suggest my clients brush their hair at least three times a day with a hair extension brush with specialized bristles that don’t pull on your extensions bond. Be sure to wash your hair less frequently and invest in a good dry shampoo.

When it is time to wash your mane, one of the most important things to do is use sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks.

“With proper care, Donna Bella Tape-Ins can last up to six months, moving them up due to hair growth every six to eight weeks,” says Porter.

Also, be aware of the amount of water on your hair. “Just don’t allow much water or friction to hit your hair,At night, you should clip up your hair, and when showering use a shower cap to cover your hair.”

How to remove them

One of the most important steps to follow for the health of your hair is getting a professional stylist to remove them for you. “Tape-ins are applied with a medical grade adhesive, so they stay in, A trained stylist needs to gently remove the hair so you can use them again and again without damaging your natural hair.”


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